I recently found this interesting penny the other day whilst playing with a pitchfork. I don't know, but I wanna say it might be worth something.

I got a no mint 1926 wheat penny. It's in good enough condition to easily make out the date and words and all the good things about a penny.

As precedent would suggest, things that are old are worth more for some reason.

So, any professionals out there or people who know how to navigate the web thoroughly, Do I got anything of value here, or is it another interesting thing I should just keep in my pocket in depressing attempt to initiate conversation?
I keep used rubbers in my pocket to initiate conversation. They're old and worthless
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About a dollar.
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So, any professionals out there or people who know how to navigate the web thoroughly?


I literally typed in "1926 wheat penny" in Google and this was first on the list. C'mon man.... at least try to give a damn. It took more effort to write out your OP than to find that.
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I've got a bunch of 1940-50 wheat pennies at home. Maybe I should sell them.
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