I'm an accomplished guitarist in the hard rock/metal genre, but I'm looking to expand my range. Any good jazz songs to learn??

P.S. Any gear suggestions would be welcome.

EDIT: Ok, maybe not accomplished. But I'm adequate.
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Download the RealBook, and take your pic. The RealBook has thousands of jazz standards.
I highly suggest learning some Miles Davis and John Coltraine. Check out "So What." That's the first jazz song I learned and it's great for theory purposes as well. (Quartal theory, interesting chord progressions, and stuff like that).

And the original isn't copyrighted so you can legally torrent/share it.
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I recommend you try some Free Jazz stuff. Or maybe look at Jango Rheinhardt's work.

Django Reinhardt (not being a jerk, it's just easier to find by the right spelling)
Django is a great recommendation, check out Minor Swing.

Also look at Mike Stern, he was a rock guitarist way back when before he switched into jazz. I recommend the album Who Let The Cat's Out?
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Go out and buy a real/ book!

Some popular jazz standards you could start with: Misty, Autumn Leaves, My Funny Valentine...


also, my favorite jazz standard to play atm is Straight No Chaser by Thelonious Monk. pretty catchy tune.
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Go out, buy a real book. So what it one of the easier tunes (D Minor, with 8 bars in EbMinor).

As a matter of fact.. modal tunes in general are easy to get your phrasing going in. After that tunes like Autumn Leaves (the whole thing is pretty much BbMaj/Gmin), then some of the more popular standards like Stella By Starlight, My Funny Valentine, There Will Never Be Another You.

I can't stress this enough though.. get a good teacher. You cannot just jump into jazz knowing nothing about it and not surrounded by it musically. You also have to make a point to surround yourself with it, listen to it as much as you can, and go out and see live jazz music. At this point, with my ear at the level it's at, most of my improvement comes from listening to jazz music and being able to play back what I hear as things inspire me.
Just like everyone before me has said, Real Book is the way to go. If you haven't learned to read sheet music yet though, that's definitely a must-do.

I agree with TimmyPage that you need a good jazz teacher. There're things that you just can't learn over the internet.

Also, if you have more specific questions regarding jazz improv and things, you could post things on the Blues & Jazz section of Bands & Artists. Admittedly, it's not a very active part of the forum, but most of the people who frequent it know their stuff.
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Alright! That sounds like a lot of things that I don't have access to

I live in Shanghai, where we don't have guitar book stores or jazz teachers. But I'll try my best.