I generally play hard rock and traditional metal. I play Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and other bands along those lines. I want a guitar that's also versatile that I can use to play some other stuff (I do some soft rock every once in a while). I currently use a Squier Telecaster and an Ibane RG4EXQM1. I'm looking for a guitar that is under $600 dollars because I'm a student on a budget. Please help, thanks!
Look around for a used Gibson Les Paul Studio. Or, save up for a new LP Studio at $800. They will cover just about any genre of music you want them to. Also, what kind of amp are you using? After all, an amp is about 80% of your tone.
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a Fender HSS strat sounds fine indeed.

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what amp do u have? If u have a cheap shit beginner amp, change that first. Ur RG should be fine for the stuff u play. Most of the tone comes from the amp.
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