Found a mic and did a quick 3 minute demo of the Lollars in conjunction with the King of Tone.


First 1:45 or so is me going through the pups with varying distortion. First is single not runs. Second is a quick riff in A. 1:48 I do the riff from Unchained, after that the riff from Lay it Down, after that the melody from Scrapple from the Apple and lastly the opening rhythm from Schizophrenic.

The guitar is a 2007 Fender '56 Strat RI with a one piece Swamp Ash body and one piece Maple neck. Amp used was a Fender Blues Jr. with a Celestion G12M speaker, settings are as follows: Volume-6.5, Treble-5, Bass-10, Mids-8, Master-3, Reverb-2. King of Tone (V4, high gain both sides) settings are:

Red side:
OD mode
Volume: 12:00
Tone: 10:30
Drive: 3:00

Yellow side:
Distortion mode
Volume: 1:00
Tone: 10:30
Drive: 4:00

The tone knob on the bridge is rolled back to 7 at all times, no tone pot wired to the middle pickup. Tone cap is RS Guitarworks/Jensen PIO .015uf. Pots are RS Guitarworks/CTS Super Pot 280k for volume, regular CTS 250k for tone. For the Scrapple from the Apple melody, the neck pickup tone is rolled back to 3. Any questions, feel free to ask.

I'll get some of the stock Fender Custom 50's up to compare tomorrow.
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