This is more of a poem, but I'm working on finding a way to change it into a song.

So maybe I’m the cause of all your problems,
Maybe I’m the voice that’s from the bottom,
Of your guilty conscience, hoping that you’ll answer,
Or maybe I’m some form of cancer,
Tearing your whole life apart,
Making you wish we’d go back to the start,

I wish we could,

This won’t be the end,
Maybe it’s only the beginning,
But I guess that all depends,
On you,
I could be all you’ve ever wanted,
Or nothing but a broken promise,

I wish I was,

Oh, you’re so concentrated on,
Everything we’ve wasted,
Everyone’s lips that you’ve tasted,
All the secrets you told that aren’t quite secrets anymore,

I wish I knew,

I remember when we were in better days,
None of that matters anymore, anyways,
You think that you’ve got your place in my heart,
Well let me tell that you’re all alone in the dark,

I wish you weren’t,

Oh, you’re so concentrated on,
Keeping me away,
Everything you could say,
That you don’t quite know how to say,

I wish you would,

So maybe I’m,
The cause of all your problems,
But I can’t,
Tell you how to solve them,
It’s not over,
Don’t say what you’ve imagined,
We can’t,
Pretend this didn’t happen,

But I wish we could…
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goose bumps :P Dude, this was sooo incredibly nice! i love the little sentence you put in between the "verses" and in the end...the "But i wish.." part. very nice (: I'd say that this could easily be made into lyrics, rather than a poem. I did this too at a point. Wrote poems and made them into lyrics? yea.. It's not too hard. But maybe next time, just make lyrics straight on. Have a little concert in your head ya know? how the music would go to it, and then..just write (: Do the same for this..think abt how it would be catchy and stuff. So..yea..good job. i really hope you make music for this, cuz i think it could be a very nice song (: Hope I could help!


Done, and yeah I normally do write them as lyrics first, but with this one I was just pissed and was writing to get it out and it ended up as more of a poem than a song.