So my band has come to somewhat of a dead end. We're not quite sure what to do now. We want to try and look for live gigs, but we're not sure what to play. We'd like to record some stuff, but our recording equipment isn't working.

We'd really like to be able to play live alot more, but we're not quite sure how to get there. We're having abit of trouble deciding what direction we want to head in musically. Not alot of places want us to play there because we look like a joke
and because our songs are so different. Not in a diverse way, in a "this band has no clue what they're doing" way.

So I'm asking you, is there a way we can come together as a band and figure out what we really want to do?
Yeah - spend lots of time in your band space playing together until something sticks. That's really the only way for any band to become a cohesive unite.
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try thinking about what styles of music (and bands/artists) speak out and move you. try thinking about what sorts of things will give you the best joy to play, and the most musical/creative expression. ask yourself things along these lines.

if your band has commonalities among it, maybe thats the direction you should head.
I think our biggest problem is our conflicting music tastes. For the most part we're all pretty open about different music, but we all kind of have that one sort of thing we'd love to do, but can't because the rest of the guys aren't as into it as the one guy is. There's a couple of things we all have in common, and we could go off that, but it's very limiting.

In terms of expression we all have something different we're aiming for, but it's not as much as a problem. It keeps things interesting I suppose. Our biggest difficulty is finding a way to accomodate everybody's needs. Now there are some things that just aren't going to sit well with all of us and we try to forgot those immediately. But we're still having trouble finding a common ground in which we're all satisfied.
sound to me like you guys havent found the proper people to play with. with conflicting tastes and ideas, you're never going to get anywhere.

unless you guys work out a system where everybody is happy or your sound accommodates everybody, it's going to fall apart really quickly. i would honestly just say start looking for people that are more into your music styles.
Ok, so there are bands and styles/genres, whatever that we all like to some degree, only problem with them is they're very confining, and we'll never be able to do anything more with them really. This is caused by the different skill levels of our band members. It's quite obvious who can really play and who is just alright. This is a problem because some people are becoming overshadowed by others, whether any of us like it or not. So we need something that we can all keep up with, which really ties the more experienced musicians in the band down. Mind you, it's still all fun for us, but it's becoming difficult to tend to all our needs.

My point is, how can we sit down as a band and decide on what to do?
It's unclear what stage your band is at from your description. Could you please give some guidance on these questions - they're set out chronologically in the life of a band.

Have you decided whether you're a cover band/originals band?

Can/have you written songs?

Have you got a full set of material?

Is your band tight?

Have you played gigs yet?

Have you recorded anything?
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Have you decided whether you're a cover band/originals band? Mainly original, though we'll do a couple of covers.

Can/have you written songs? Yep.

Have you got a full set of material? Well, yeah, depending on how long the set it. Although some of it isn't what I'd call great.

Is your band tight? Hmm... If we practice alot, but overall, I'd say the only great natural chemistry is between me and the bassist/singer.

Have you played gigs yet? A couple small ones.

Have you recorded anything? Yeah, but our recording equipment is broken now, and our best stuff is being written now, I think.