So right now i'm using the monster s-100 standard instrument cables, and i haven't had any problems or anything with them.

I'm going to need to purchase a few more cables (got an amp and would like to run my pedals through the fx loop instead of directly into the front, and then also replacing some cheapo small cables in my pedalboard).

Does the Monster Rock cable really help the tone or is that a load of crap?

Basically, should i dish out the few extra bucks to get the rock cables or not?

thanks for any help fellow UGers
i personally love the monster gold cables when going from guitar>amp or guitar>pedals>amp because it doesnt tangle as easy as the standard 100s cables. But for patch cables between pedals i use the standard 100s.
Ive never noticed much of a difference between the two.
It's been me experience, as well as friends, that the S-100s are more prone to failure at the plugs.

And Monster just isn't the best quality stuff. Sorry to say it, but it's the truth. There's stuff out there that sounds better.

And as for your speaker cable question...Speaker cable does not really affect your tone. What you want is simply a cable with sufficient length, sturdy plugs, and preferably thick wire.

My speaker cable looks like around 3/4" thick.