Okay, I saw a thread on this amp and Googled it. Impressed, I found prices, but sadly,t hey were out of my range.

What I googled was the 30W amp though. I only play at home, usually with the volume no higher than 1 or 2. Is the 15W amp a better deal? Surely I wouldn't make use out of a 30W amp on that volume setting.

Then again, I'm only a newbie to guitar, I'm not sure what 30W means in relation to the sound I produce
I have the 30W and it's fine for use at home, Although it usually isn't used past 1 or 2 (more if it's on a clean setting), but it's nice to have the excess power when I do the occasional gig / parents and neighbors are out of town .

Would 15W result in lesser quality? I don't plan to turn it up higher than 3.
More watts does not equal better quality
what is your budget?

If you have atleast $200 to spend(which it doesn't look like you do) i would suggest something other than the vypyr. Although if this is like your first amp, then just get the 15 watt vypyr, the difference in wattage will really be minimal. And your obviously not going to be gigging with either of them. So 15 watts will be plenty loud.
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I'm Australian and when I was browsing eBay I got a price of $479. I assumed it would just be dearer than that elsewhere.

I'm not planning on spending much more than 250 or 300 AUD.