Hi everybody,

I have a Schecter C-1 Custom.

So I was turning the tone knob, and whilst doing so, I haphazardly pulled up and the knob popped up by about a centimeter. It doesn't seem to be broken and I can pull it up and down (it's still pretty sturdy and I can turn it with ease), but I'm still a bit concerned. Is it a problem with the knob, or maybe Schecter designed it like this?
u might have coil tapping abilities, which means it turns one of your humbuckers into a single coil. built in feature.
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Its coil tap, the C-1 custom comes with it.
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It basically makes the humbucker a single coil. A humbucker is pretty much two single coils wound reversely (I think); when the coil tap is engaged, it only activates one of the coils, thus, giving your humbucker guitar a single coil sound.
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yes biga29 they are wound oppsite of each other.

It bucks the hum that single coils would get under flourscent lighting. Happy accident really.
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