Hey guys, I got accepted full-ride into UC Santa Barbara to be a computer engineer.

Thing is.. music is my passion. I have been heavily considering changing my major to music.

I would like to pursue a career in music, the western regional sales manager for ibanez guitars is currently producing my band. He has all of the hook ups to get us on our feet and will do what he can to help us out. He just happens to be the dad of our drummers girlfriend.

We're currently in the Sacramento area, and the rest of the band plans on moving to Santa Barbara with me and continuing down there.

I feel like I would be a lot better at making songs if I actually understood music theory if I switched to the music program at UCSB i would get just that.

But computer engineering is a much safer career to pursue.

What do you guys think?
Stay as a computer engineer and keep music as a dream, but have much safer career ahead of me.
Or switch to a music major and pursue a career as a musician?
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stay as a computer engineer, learn about music theory outside of school. your first semester or two will be helpful for writing music, everything after that will not be applicable. or at least not easily applicable
Keep with the computer stuff. I'm in a similar boat, I studied Recording Arts and Audio Engineering at SAE, but I'm currently wishing I'd done more coding as the work I do now requires it and learning to code at home with books and only your own motivation is REALLY tough.
i agree, a few theory and composition classes will get you well on your way. if your band is really on track like you say, concentrate on playing as many gigs as possible.
In most engineering majors, the professors will push you into the corner with homeworks, projects and tests. You can half ass by memorizing older tests and just slogging through homework without much study of the text to understand the material, and eventually get a diploma. Then you will find out you're really ill prepared for the more creative and interesting type jobs. I really doubt you can focus strongly on your guitar, do the course load, and have a life. I have Bachelor of Engineering in ME and I have seen it happen to many. The truth is that for many many people to get really good at something relatively early in life, you have to pick and focus.
if you can keep the full ride id switch to a music major.
if not, keep the major you have and take music courses and, if eventually you decide that music is what you want to do with your life, change your major.