Hey amp guys, my housemate's Bugera 6262 head stopped making noise, upon closer inspection the power tubes were no longer glowing, so my mate ordered a matched quartet of Sovtek's and had me change the tubes out. i plugged the amplifier in to test and still no glow, i've checked the fuse, the 'power' light still glows so i am lead to believe the problem is infact something to do with the output transformer, i don't have a multimeter at the moment to test all this, so i'm relying on you guys/process of elimination to help me fix this.

i've heard Bugera's are (not in my own words) "pretty shit" as far as component quality goes, but once the few problematic components are removed and replaced with quality components they can be okay.

so i also need to know what brand/part i need to replace it with and where to get one for Australian 240v.

thankyou all!
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I have the same problem with my amp. It probably is the output transformer as well because it doesn't make the quiet buzzing sound that it used to. The trouble is that i can't be arsed to get a new one so really my amp is just sitting here doing nothing at the moment.

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