Been a while since I've posted in here, but I've got about 98% of a complete song done and I'm pretty psyched about how it's sounding.

I apologise for the terrible sounding harmonics in the br00talz intro, I know it ruins it in GP, but it sounds killer on a real guitar, I swear.

I will endeavour to return any comments or criticisms, but I won't make any promises, so I don't come off as a dick when I forget .

It Looks Like Some Kind of Quarry.gp5
It Looks Like Some Kind of Quarry.gp4
It Looks Like Some Kind of Quarry.mid
you said br00talz intro like the rest of it wasn't going to be br00talz. i stopped listening to this kinda stuff a fair while ago but it is well written. very generic, but that's kind of a staple of deathcore, i mean it fits in with all shall perish, whichever band in that style is cool right now

If I had to offer a specific criticism it'd be that perhaps just one bar of the clean-outta-nowhere thing at bar 24/25 would be enough. It begins to detract from the piece if you're away from the.. *ahem*.. br00talz.. for that long :p

I like the piece at bar 54 specifically, with the softened cymbals. And even the beatdown that comes in over it works well within the structure of that riff. The pattern of 82 onwards is real nice too.

Don't call it proggy though.. proggy it ain't Good job! If you fancy seeing something a bit more involved, Kasak, in the sig