I'm gonna get the guitar fetish poplar flying v kit and was wondering if I should go with the power rails pup or the crunchy rails. People swear by the power rails but I'm worried about having too much midrange pumpin out (a problem i've run into before)

I love mids and all but on another guitar I got a set similar to the power rails and it churned out mids to the point of discomfort. I personally like to use the mids my amp provides.

My concern with the crunchies is super treble head ripping.

I use a set of DR 12's and tune to full step down and drop c if that helps. I live for palm mutes and play rythm in a metal band, I let my lead guitarist steal all the solos I'm just there to add umph.

Any experience and especially comparisons appreciated.
Power rails for sure man. The mids can get crazy but you compensate by turning down the mids on the amp. Crunchy rails just don't work for me for some reason :/