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i've got a problem with one of my best friends, that being the fact that whenever we talk about something pretty serious or important to me, he finds it entertaining to 'troll' me. And continues to do so because he thinks 'it hasn't hurt anyone yet' . This kind of sucks because my trust is pretty much long gone by now, and i can't tell whether he's ever being serious or not.

A petty example about music last night was when we were talking about Explorers Vs Flying Vs, consquently he began to trash talk Explorers saying they were for neck beard metalfags. the arguement pretty much spiraled from there, because at any given opportunity he will bash metal and dub it 'shit-rock'. He thinks metal is all speed metal and pretty much guitar wankery like Yngwie Malmsteem, so he asked me why i listened to it. I responded, like all music it is SOULFUL. Whether or not he was trolling he said he found this "****ing hilarious", so i posted a few solos to prove him wrong; cemetary gates solo and unforgiven solo too. He then went as far as saying that metal artists aren't soulful, such as Dimebag. At this point i got pretty annoyed and just ragequit msn.

So what do i do?
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Get a new friend.
Grow up and stop felating his hook?

Also this falls under the relationship thread so try there. It's for friend relationships too!
Tell him he's a douche and that you no longer like what he has become.

Talk to him about your problems - if he's still a douche you have your answer.
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Let him have his opinion
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