I need an amp to start playing some bigger shows and want to get a louder one just in case the venue doesnt mic my amp up. i play a range of music and am looking for an amp with a nice warm clean tone, but also one that i can get a massive metal sound out of using a pedal.
I am willing to spend up to £500, but if its going to be more than £300 it has to really be worth it.
Also, ive always had a soft spot for half stacks and so any of these would be great

I was considering the Hayden Mofo as my favourite artist (Simon Neil) uses one of these
Blackstars are a very good alternative and probably out-perform the hayden.

You might need to mic up a bit maybe, but i dont think it'll be necessary unless you are going to a quite large venue.
Blackstar FTW!!!
But the Mofos and the Blackstars are very different amps in my opinion.

30W would be good for small to medium-ish gigs
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