I'm pretty sure it is something in my guitar but what? I say I'm pretty sure it's the guitar since it hasn't happened with any of my others, that i can remember, playing through the same gear (Roland Cube 30) and i have tried different cables so unless both cables just so happen to be broken and it's just coincidence that it happens when I'm using the guitar in question (Ibanez btw) I'm pretty sure it's the guitar :\ My volume + tone knobs and PU selector have been pretty scratchy lately, I do intend to replace them but in no hurry unless you guys think those could be the causes?

Here is a clip so you can hear what i sounds like.


It sounds like a super super bad tremolo/signal dropping in and out.

I've opened up the guitar to check wiring and everything looks fine but I have no experience with wiring so i was just going by if i could see anything blatantly wrong.

P.S. It isn't a constant issue. It comes and goes. Like it will randomly do that wobbly sound, "pop" back into place and everything will be good again for a while. Also, it isn't always as extreme as in the clip. Sometimes it's like a massive drop in gain, I guess you could describe it as going from a metal distortion to a light bluesy distortion.

Shot guys.
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bump again, any other ideas? I can't gig with this gear until i get it sorted out so please, fire away with those ideas :\
if it hasn't happened with any other guitars...the guitar is likely the culprit.

Check the input jack, make sure it's tight and the wires aren't loose.

Pull the control panel cover off the guitar, look for loose wires, bad solder joints, etc.

eliminate as many variables as possible....try different cables, plug the guitar straight into the amp (to make sure it's not a pedal that's causing the problem), try your guitar on another amp, try another guitar on your amp, etc.
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I personally wouldn't expect a simple short in a guitar to make a sound like that. Most short-circuit experiences I've had have been loud squealing, blown fuses, complete drop-outs, etc. If you're concerned that it might be the guitar, look inside and check to see if you have a small ceramic capacitor on your volume pot. It's the only thing in your guitar that I could think of that would be remotely able to cause rapid dropouts like that. If you do, I'd consider replacing it. It'd take thirty seconds to do and would cost no more than 10 cents. That's the only thing I can think of, unless it's something wrong with the amp.
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