I was told this thing produced virtually NO latency, but I have a drum track recorded and when I try to play guitar over it, then play it back, there is such a delay it is not even funny. I am using the UX1...is there are setting to fix this? When I am playing, I sound totally on with the song, but when I play it back, it is completely off-times. Any help?
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What DAW are you using? Computer specs? Your computer might not be powerful enough for certain DAWs or VSTs.
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ok, help me out here guys. I dont know what any of these things are. IF your telling to use different drivers, youve gotta tell me HOW to do this.
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Use ASIO4ALL instead of the included drivers.

this. ASIO4ALL works extremely well, and is free if i remember correctly.
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Problem solved, the ASIO4ALL driver worked perfectly. I just lowered the latency bar right down, and it is perfectly in sync. haha. thanks guys!
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