Hi guys im new to the forums here and i was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions

Basically i want to buy an amp and i've actually selected the one i wanted to buy but just when i was about to pay for the VCXD for $220 i saw the SCXD next to it for $220 i was like WTF? yes im not crazy and nothing was in my eyes it's for the same price..

well i live in hong kong but i just converted the price in hkd to us so u guys can just have it easier, so yea basically i live in a small apartment and i was wondering if i should get the super champ or the vibro champ

THEIR THE SAME PRICE!!!! i also quite worried about the 15-watt the SCXD would be too loud so yea please give me some suggestions

early thanks
Hmm? They were at the same store? Why not just try them both out then and pick the one you like more? <:

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Ooo...thanks i'll try them out and yea they are in the same store...

i heard the SCXD has a little more features than the VCXD does that matter?
I would get the superchamp, (I own one myself)--- but that said, it isn't the best bedroom amp. The volume control doesn't work in a manner where it is infinitely quiet. It "turns on" (as in a binary ON/OFF "on" at about 1.5 on the volume knob--- give or take depending on the gain structure of the voice). So there is a minimum level that it operates at. It is relatively quiet... "quiet" being a relative term-- but if it is too loud, it cannot be quieter. Tone is very decent at the minimum level. Also, I do not believe it has a headphone jack-- if that is an issue.
I have the VibroChamp. It is a great amp. There is a sweet spot on the volume pot around 5-7. Even this 5 watt amp can be VERY LOUD for a bedroom amp at that volume level.
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haha thanks everyone i got the vibro champ at last becasue apparently the guy at the store go it wrong... the super champ was a bit more expensive than the vibro champ

anyways it's an awsome thank you all