Right, from what I've heard from PGS demo videos, both these pedals are ridiculously versatile OD pedals. The pedal I get will replace the Green Screamer on my board, so they have to be able to tighten up the lead channel. In addition to tightening up the lead channel, I want it to be able to 'Vai-fy' the lead channel; i.e. give it a nice creamy and loose quality (like the kid in this video does with the Ibanez Jemini - around 1:45). At the moment, the Boiling Point is winning on creamy and smoothness points, but the Kanji 9 doesn't look that far off, and is at a much more attractive price.

Anybody here with experience with either of these pedals? Or any other recommendations, preferably from PGS?
Vai's tone comes from a Tubescreamer boosting a Marshall voiced circuit and I still haven't found anything I like better for tightening things up than a Tubescreamer. Just save the money and go with that. Both the Kanji and Boiling Point are modded Tubescreamers. The Kanji loses the buffers and has a different tone control and clipping section with mods on switches. The Boiling point has some mods on switches too but still has the buffers and original tone control. If you have to have one, go for the Kanji. Boiling Point is massively overpriced for what it is.
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