Can someone point me in the right direction to get this thing started?

I'm looking to have a stomp box made for me that works with the guitar in both switching pickup configurations, volume output of the guitar, and switches amps.

The first function I want the stomp box to do is switch amps. I understand this can be done with an ABY switch pedal.

The second function is to have the pedal switch from the bridge pickup of my guitar to both the bridge and neck pickup at the same time. I understand that an active switch must must be installed for the pedal to electronically switch pickup configurations.

Third, the pedal will switch from a high preset volume on the guitar to an extremely low preset volume. This will also involve active switching I assume.

So it would work like this. I would be playing from a clean amp using both my guitar's bridge and neck pickup with the guitar volume set very low, maybe 1 or 2 and the amp's volume set very high.

Then I would kick the pedal which would switch the pickup to just the bridge with the guitar's volume on 10 and change the route to a heavily overdriven tube amp.

Does this make sense? Who should I look to first to help me build this configuration?
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well for the volume you could get a volume pedal
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Uh....not to be an ass, but why can't you just manually switch the pickups and manually lower the volume, I completely understand the switching amps thing, but a foot pedal to switch your pickups? You would have all sorts of wires coming out of your guitar.
I must say that I agree with ethan_hanus. You would have all sorts of set-up to worry about, as well as tons of wires and cables running abslutely everywhere. The only thing I would honestly recommend is using the amp switch. Everything else you can do yourself with a few simple motions of your hand with a little bit of quality time with your setup. Besides, I would think that with all the connections you would make that you would inevitably lose juice and tone by running your signal through the jungle of wires that you would need to set up, as well as running a hefty price tag... Just my opinioin though.
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I would like to switch pickups with the pedal instead of my hands because I will be rapidly switching from clean to distorted like in this video at 1:12 (My style doesn't sound like Nirvana though):


I imagine the switching on this setup wouldn't be TOO complicated. I assume I would need two wires total coming from my guitar so that wouldn't be a problem.

I have the funds to do this project, but what type of person should I look for with electronics knowledge?
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Keep in mind that can be done via your amp's footswitch, or, if your amp is responsive enough, by volume control and pick attack. That's VERY rarely done via pickup. That's because it would be a wiring nightmare.
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