I am considering getting a PRS Torero SE. I need to play some Drop D tunes and would like to be able to switch to Drop D quickly. I was considering using a tremsetter and D Tuna to do this. I was wondering if the D-Tuna will clear everything on the guitar OK or if I would need to route around the D Tuna?

As long as you aren't using the FR to go up pitches you should be fine.

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The D-Tuna is a nice concept and all, but it rakes away your ability to pull the FR up, which in turn takes away from the point of having an FR.

The only true way to get around the problem is by using a different guitar for each tuning.

It's a lot more expensive, but you won't be able to get full control of your FR otherwise, unless you're willing to take the time to tune and adjust the tension every time you want to change tuning.
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A D-Tuna effectively makes your bridge non-floating unless you rout out extra space for it, since the rear part of the mechanism sticks out so much it will just bash against the top of the guitar. The problem then is, if you do rout space for it, is it won't be as accurate as if you had left the top intact (and it's not 100% accurate to begin with). Also it's worth bearing in mind that since a D-Tuna (and similar devices) can't be uttely precise, when tuning down the guitar will always be pulled slightly out of tune. To get the guitar perfectly in tune while in a diffreent tuning, you have to use a different string gauge, change the position of the bridge saddle of intonation and adjust the spring tension to match. D-Tunas, hipshot systems and so on can never be entirely accurate, so if it's important for you to be completely in-tune then what you need to do is either pick one tuning and live with it or get a second guitar.
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