Here is me trying to play arch enemy - Behind the smile solo click on the link it will open up a player

http://www.box.net/shared/tah8mup4rj">me playing arch enemy solo

I am trying to play track 3 of this tab

arch enemy - Behing the smile guitar pro tab

I am a absolute beginner who just tuned his guitar to C standard. Any lessons, technique that would help me better this up. I know i majorly sucks. I am using a Kustom pratice amp with a Woshburr distortion pedal. My guitar is a teisco made mostly for jazz.

I am playing this with one finger. Playing one note at a time and sometimes i don'T play the right string. I know that there is a better technique that just one finger at a time.
i normally would report this (rate my playing threads aren`t allowed) but `cos your links don`t work........i wont bother. i know you are asking for advice but you can simply ask for a how to for a particular technique....or read the sticky titled "read me begginers" at hte top of the forum.