i wanna learn somethin new acousticy but can't think of what :/ any good songs out there anyone wants to recommend?
these days - nico
needle in the hay - elliot smith
free until they cut me down - iron and wine
always and never - coheed and cambria
crazy on you - heart
pink bullets - the shins
yellow leadbetter - pearl jam
why georgia - john mayer
blackbird - beatles

learn them all.

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PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
tangerine - led zepplin
over the hills and far away - led zepplin
wish you were here - pink floyd
Mary, big salty tears, freeway time in LA county jail, or really anything off "bradley Knowell & friends" album - sublime
live for better days - ignite
hero of war, swing life away - rise against
all along the watchtower - Bob Dylan
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix