Okay so I've just got a new Epi Explorer so my old crappy Behringer iAxe is sat in a corner gathering dust. I was wondering what kinda mods I could experiment with on it before I do any to my Epi as I've never modded a guitar before.

I'm not interested in making it better as such.... It's really rather shit and as they say you can't polish a turd. But if there are any mods that give it new abilities, such as fitting a sustainer pickup, or that make it cooler, such as repainting it, I wanna know them. There, already two, care to give me your other top five mods?

1 switch pick ups- usually this is enough to at least make a guitar bearable
2 kill switch- its fun to play with
3 preamp in guitar- more gain!
4 scallop frets-i just like that
5 rewire the guitar to some weird configuration-gives you different sounds
1) Killswitch/kill push-pull pot
2) Peizo pickup
3) boost switch
4) split coils (probably can't do it with the stock pickups, though)
5) KAOSS pad (might fit better on the explorer, though)
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cosmetic upgrades, wiring (cheap and effective if done right), doing stuff like wrapping around a stop tail if thats your thing, blocking a trem, locking tuners, higher quality or compensated nut like an earvana, tweaking string guage to perfection, tweaking pickups

more perminent mods like refinishing the back of the guitar neck or the whole guitar for that matter.
1) Kill Switch (in all reality, with a LP you don't really need one. Just set the volume of the pickup you're not using to 0 and switch between pickups real quick. Boom, that's your killswitch)

2) Pickup Swap (standard in almost every way. It almost always gets done to lower-end guitars)

3) Mid-boost (a very popular mod in Strats but might sound cool in a LP, they sell kits for this)

4) Bass-cut (another popular mod for Strats. Change the second tone control from a treble cut to a bass cut)

5) Electronics Overhaul (electronics in budget guitars suck donkey dick. Completely rewiring it with new cables, pots, switch, caps, and jack will make it sound a lot better)

I fixed up my Strat a few years ago and it plays beautifully. I love it and wouldn't replace it for anything short of a Fender Custom Shop or high-end G&L.
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It's really rather shit and as they say you can't polish a turd.

Eff that, sure you can!

Edit for thread relevance:

Kill switches, new pickups, onboard actie EQ, refinishing, etc.

Maybe you could try putting one of those overdrive things you can buy off stewmac?

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change pot wiring to '50s config
change the bridge
change the nut
change the tuners
change pots to bourns
change pickups

all mods "if needed".

i think.
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