Just recorded the song on my profile called Run. So if anybody wanted to trade crits that'd be awesome

EDIT: The song isn't really edited at all, just for a heads up. I'll probably EQ it and throw a comp on the solo guitar when it goes into the wah

Instrumental rock-ish with African sounding drum beat (to be completely musically stereotypical, I don't know anything about African drumming)
John Petrucci

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Hey. I think it's pretty cool. Sounds like it could be the sound track to something. I think there's some really cool riffs in there. Is it the pentatonic scale you're using? I like the wah effects a lot. Great job! I know what you mean about the sort of african sounding drum beat.

Crit mine please?


It's called Enigmatic. No vocals/lyrics as yet.
thanks for checking out my music... about "Losing You" yeah... I think the song has some great potential to be worked on but.. the thing is.. Im just too lazy to do anything on it rite now...

Your song titled RUN is quite plain.. and the recording quality is not really good..

I would suggest you to put some more instruments or percussion and use some decent microphone to mic up ur amp....

good luck.. and thanks again for checking my song out...

~cheers form Malaysia~