Hey guys. Im a rock and metal player, but I have a guy wanting me to play rock leads in his country group, and more traditional country solos. Would a Bugera 333 work for this? I noticed a few country musicians use them but im not completely sure. Im looking into this cuz I want one for my rock music that I write as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
It IS very clean when you want it clean, and the cleans are pretty good, so it's just fine for country. Rockwise it's fine as well. Don't know much about getting the right rock tone though. Always use only Clean or Br00tlz channels. :p

(thats not 100% true, but I don't really know much about awesome rock tones)
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If it has nice clean tones I think it wouldn't be too much of an hassle to get country out of it. You might need a pedal or something but it's possible.
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Thanks. I write stuff along the lines of Escape The Fate and mainstream stuff like Seether for the rock so i think I could get my tone dialed in. Kinda new to playing country so idk much about the kind of tone I would need

Edit: Im gonna throw a compression pedal in front of it and prolly an overdrive for the country stuff. I know some amps just dont have the right tone for it though.
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I can get a nice twangy tone on the crunch channel with my guitars tone/volume rolled back a bit. Very versatile amp.