After trying out a lot of amps I've managed to narrow my choice down to the Orange Rocker 30 and Vox AC30c2.

Both amps have great sounding cleans and both are capable of producing enough dirt for my liking. Tone-wise I really can't decide which one I prefer. I'm going back to the store in a few days to do a side-by-side comparison.

Does anyone have any experience with these 2 amplifiers or does anyone have any other amp recommendations I might have forgotten to look at (budget is €1000, or $1300). I'm mainly looking for solid cleans with a classic rock crunch.
The AC30c2 isn't great quality (better than the cc2 but still not great). I haven't played the Rocker 30 personally but based on other Oranges around that range its pretty good and probably a lot better than the Vox. For €1000 you could great some great amps 2nd hand (I got my Orange Thunderverb 200 for €1200) make sure you look around and try them out if you can. Orange and Vox has somewhat similar sounds. The Vox cleans are a bit brighter than the Oranges but it can't do overdrive unless the volume is set really high.
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I liked the AC30 a bit more since it sounds more refined, has a good trem and reverb built in, and cleans up better with the volume knob. They're both great amps though. The Orange needs to be cranked more to sound good, so make sure you try them out at the volumes you'll use them most often.

I don't think the quality on the AC30s is bad. The first run CCs was pretty bad, but they really cleared up the issues entirely and I haven't encountered a broken one yet.
The orange,

even though there are no EQ controls for the clean channel, if you put something of qulaity through it then it sounds great and really hits those classy clean tones.

the dirty channel is beasty, at practice today i went from blusy areosmith tones to full on slipknot..

reverb would be a great feature but for the cost of a 2nd hand pedal its not a deal breaker...

plus its make in the UK and is made of top end materials.

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I love my Rocker 30, the dirty channel rips the Vox AC series apart, much more drive imo.

The clean channel is indeed wicked too for one knob..
Well you're going to get slightly different voicing out of each amp. The Rocker being more comfy with rock tones and borderline 80s kind of tones. The drive would sound imho much more smooth coming out of the Orange. It would also sound thicker.

The Vox on the other hand. When you crank those things up, you're getting a plexi-ish sound but with a much more glassy high end. Very punchy, cuts very well, responds well to feedback.

I would say if you aren't trying to cop old Free tones and Clapton tones to a tee, then go with the Orange. But if you live in the 60s and the 70s and you need that living, breathing, full blast rock and roll sound, get the Vox. It will slaaaaay.
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