its that time in my life where i have gone through changes...i outgrew my old pedal board. so yea im making a custom one now. im planning on putting all the patch cables and such under the board thats holding my pedals. what i want to know is, what kind of jack/connector thingy would i need so i can plug my cable into the side of the board. like i want an input jack mount on the side of the pedal board, but are there any 1/4" input jack mounts to quarter inch male out there?? and suggestions?
Get Switchraft, but, you'll most likely have to build a box around any switch you put on. Leaving it like that, well it'll break easily, and possibly cause noise.

You've just inspired me to put a Kill Switch, and a Input/Output jack on my pedalboard. Thanks.

EDIT: Built it. Put Danish Oil on the slats, and need to Vinyl the sides and Varathane the slats. then Velcro.
..I was watching my death.
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