Hello, my name is Jeff, and i'm about 15, i'v been playing guitar for about 2 years, and i am trying to form a band, i have another guitarist, who has been playing for about a year and a half, and a bass player who has been playing for about 7-8 mounths, we're are looking to find a drummer, who si around are age 15-17, but not that big of a deal, and has around 1-2 years of exsperience, and must be completly clean(no drugs, no drinking, smoking is fine), we live in Mount Vernon Ohio, Knox county, i have enough equipment for basics, (standard 5 peice, ride and crash) we're looking for somebody who likes bands such as, Metallica, Megadeth, A7X, Dream Theater, and maybe some for glammier stuff like Scoprians, Van Halen, and such, we do work alot on orignals, and some covers, we are interested in making it somewhere, we try to keep a somewhat strict practise schedule, but we are somewhat flexable and will try to work something out,, i hope somebody see's this, i'v been looking for mounths for a drummer with no luck,, contact me either through UG
or you can txt = 740-507-1791
Thank you
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