I liked it, it was pretty good. but it was really quiet, I had to turn my speaker up quite a ways. I also like the name. The only criticism I can give is to record it louder.

Crit "Vespertine Labor" in tabs&chords.
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When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....
Not commenting on the recording it self cause I know its hard to get a professional sounding song recorded and it doesnt matter to me its about the idea for me.

And I really do like your idea. A nice relax song to listen to when chilling out.
My critics would be that the singing sometimes is like not flowing but to much abrupt pauses between words (sorry for better explanation but im not english).
Overal I like this would be exciting to hear a good recording of it with mix/production etc.

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Reviewing as I listen: I really like the chords used in the song, wow the vocal melody is really nice, I'm liking it! I think your voice really suits this song well . The lyrics are nice too man. I like the part where you sing "I lost my mind so all I do is laugh" or something of that sort. I thought it works really well, same with the "drift, drift away from me", I really really like that part. Again I like the lyrics. The instrumentation and songwriting is really well done, my friend. Good job, keep it up bro!!!

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From the first word I thought it was good. Good work keep it up.

And sorry but you do need to record louder.
There's some really nice harmonies between the guitar and the vocals, and especially with the harmonized vocals, and your choice of chords works well with the mellow atmosphere, and as a fan of mellow music, I applaud you!

However, although the vocals are very good for the most part, they do tend to fall a bit behind in quality compared to the rest of the song, like hitting the right notes and stuff, especially this point near the end, where it gets slightly awkward.

But besides that minor point, it is very well written and performed! Keep up the good work!

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