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Hi So i've been looking at Randall Amps since i love the Randall stuff i tried out, and i found a nice KH-75, of course a big Metallica fan like me would be interested. But i'm a bit confused because I'm thinking if i buy the KH-75 i would just be paying an extra $50 just for the Kirk Hammett name. Sorry if i really sound cheap but I'm in a really tight budget and the economy is sucking eggs right now I currently have a crappy Marshall MG15FX. I'm a giant Metallica fan (first band that i listened to when i was 9 years old when i started getting into music) My max budget is $450. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe (took me over a year to get the cash)

KH-75 ( $450 )
75W RMS ( $400 )
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stay away from most signature amps dude. get a vypyr instead, the mesa rectifier channel on it sounds a lot like MoP era Metallica, fiddle around enough with the settings and voila kill em all, ride the lightning etc.
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for me, it would depend if there was any difference in sound, if not, then go for the standard one, if there is, and you like it, go for it

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