A couple years back (like 6 or so years ago), my dad found a 100W Kustom amp. For it's age, I'm assuming it's a tube amp. Back when I used it, I brought it to a friends house one day to jam. I can't remember if it worked and then stopped or what exactly happened, I just remember a pop sound and then no sound would come out. It was still getting power, or at least the power light was on, but it wouldn't work. Would that mean the tube(s) need to be replaced? (I've never had a tube amp before or after that one and I don't really know much about them). If so, is it a fairly easy fix? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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It's probably more than likely that it's a solid state amp. Is it a "tuck-n-roll?"
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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I used to have a combo amp that had a small tube in it. (It was a piece of shit amp, but that's besides the point.) Every month or so, there'd be a small pop and it wouldn't work. The first couple of times, we had it sent in to get fixed. After that, I got sick of doing that and pulled it apart to fix myself. Sure enough, the tube was blown.

Anyway, TS, my point is that you do prolly need to replace the tube in it. It's not a hard fix, the main issue is finding the right sized tube. (Cuz it's not like you have extras lying around, just waiting to be matched up, like some guitar shops do.) I'd check the manual and see if it says what kind of tube it uses. Once you find it, pull out your soldering iron and get to work.

You're gonna want to unscrew the "motherboard" from the amp. Then, touch the soldering iron to the already soldered ends of the old tube; they're be underneath the old tube, on the opposite side. Carefully remove the old tube without burning yourself on the hot solder. Place the new tube in position and solder it there. Put it all back together and test it out. Should sound beautiful!

Edit: I did a quick google search and the Kustom 100W that came up WAS a tube amp.
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