I just bought one of these guitars for 1000$. Is that a good deal? It had the Original hardshell case. I also bought it from a real guitar store.
Also, Would this be better then the newer standards?
Personally, I am not a fan of Norlin era Gibsons. I've only had lackluster or bad experiences with Gibbies of the mid to late 70s. I think newer ones are better but if you like the guitar, what does my opinion matter?
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It says gibson, and it has two truss rod screws, and its got that curved neck. Also, you can see that the frets are pounded into the binding, which you wont see on an epiphone
Depending on the model and whether or not it's been repaired that's not a bad deal.
It’s certainly not a bad deal. I’m not sure what really constitutes a good deal on most used Gibsons these days. It seems like so many broke musicians are selling gear to play bills that the prices on some of this stuff keep dropping and the vintage guitar sections at stores are overflowing.