im planning to buy a guitar for around $400, ive been thinking about getting the Agile al-3000 or 3100, but before i decide im going to get it i wanted to know if that the best for the money?
what do you like to play? the vintage modified/classic vibe squire strats and teles are great guitars as well. I know squire isnt exactly a name that strikes pristige but if you get past their bullet and affiniety series theirs definetly good ones.

the schecter omen seemed like a good guitar as well. just depends on what you want in a guitar. also look used
yea we need to know what kind of music you play first. I got my epiphone les paul standard for $378 brand new. i have yet to see another for that price anywhere. so keep your eye out and eventually you'll find a great deal on something that you thought was out of your price range
if you were in my area theres a prs se at my guitar center used for $350 so good deals do happen