Right i've now finished the first part! and here it is!

Please try and use the .gpx file and turn RSE on it sounds so much better!

So I decided I wanted to attempt to write a orchestral piece I wouldnt call it a symphony yet but the aim is that!

Can you tell me if its going ok, if its worth carrying on or editing bits?

All criticism is welcome and C4C

Also an extra little note I dont have much knowledge of writing a orchestral piece of music so yeah

Thank you
Requiem - Symphony Part 1 (New Born).gpx
Requiem - Symphony Part 1 (New Born).gp5
Requiem - Symphony Part 1 (New Born).mid
I'll do a proper crit later, but do you genuinely see horns as green and strings as yellow? Because that's ridiculous. That would be a world gone insane.
This is what happens if you bring GP6 tabs into GP5, it screws them up, makes them ugly colours, makes all markers lime green. It's another example of Arobas being useless.
Arse, I forgot about this.

I think it had some good parts, but as far as building things to a climax, and using variations on the themes to get the most out of them, I don't think you went far enough. It had some dynamics and changes in mood and whatnot, but for the most part it sustained a sort of gentle happy feeling, reminding me of video game music for a level set in a peaceful grassy village or something.

Personally, more than anything I think it needs more movement, if you know what I mean. For example, the bit starting at bar 25 is obviously intended to be a buildup, but the pitch if the only thing that really builds up. Everything else is constant. If I was writing it, it would start out just everything playing in unison, and at the end of it it would have developed into a massive chord - maybe with some faster arpeggios and countermelodies going underneath, not so much to add anything melodically, but just to make it feel like more is going on.

And again, I would have more variations on themes and such. For example that little melodic thing that happens at the start of bar 4, I'd bring that back a few times to give the piece a sense of unity. I wouldn't repeat the whole section, just make that little melodic thing into a motif, work it into a few of the other sections. The first time you hear it it's quite nice, if you bring it back a few times, have variations on it, and do so tastefully it could become very powerful.

Or you know, any other little thing you like the sound of. That's just an example, use more motifs is my suggestion.

Of course it all depends what you're after, and how this will fit into the overall picture of the symphony. If this was going to be a calm happy section after a massive dark-sounding climax, it would work perfectly. But when I listen to it on its own I think it could benefit from being a little bit less understated.
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