Located in my profile. If you're interested on where to find the backing it's in the info section. Some mistakes but idk I think I'm getting the hang of things a little better. c4c as always and thanks in advance.
The drums, bass, and organ sound good! The lead guitar: some parts are rather good, and other parts are rather sloppy. You need to ride the fader more on that lead guitar: some parts are too quiet & other parts are too loud. Perhaps some compression/limiting would help that. If you edited the best parts of your lead guitar together (I do stuff like that often) it would be significantly better. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks. Yeah in general I'm trying to improve my improvisation which is why it's in one take. I think it will take awhile before I get things perfect like that but am working on it. The dynamics on the guitar could use a slight compression I think. I'm currently just waking up but I promise to review your stuff later on in the day. Thanks again!
Have to agree on arron aardvark on this one but I can understand thats more a problem of the recording and not really of your playing style.
Would everything be leveled this would be a nice lounge song, just my opinion haha.
One suggestion I would make is a bit more variation in the song, that would be cool cause the song is quite long.


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