Hello guys!

I'm gonna buy an electric guitar and i've narrowed my choice to two guitars:

Ibanez SA120EX


Yamaha Pacifica 112V

Their price is quite similar, though the SA120 is a little more expensive (about 60$)

I'm still a beginner and I'looking for a versatile guitar that wold really help develop...
I love both guitars, but my doubt is if the diference between them is worth the diference!


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go with the ibanez, i think it will give you less problems.

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The Ibanez has humbuckers, the Pacifica has single coils. That's the only difference. They're budget guitars. Any reason why you want a tremolo? They're not that useful for a beginner (and Les Paul users might argue not useful at all) and the extra stability you'd get from a fixed bridge would be beneficial. Get whichever one feels better to you.
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you probably dont want a cheap trem.

but i'd go with the ibanez anyways
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get a ibanez without trem dude..

But ALL CHEAP IBANEZ have same trem. I lıke edge3s give it a try
yes, i also suggest getting a fixed bridge if you're a beginner. you're bound to be trying new tunings and the trem will just piss you off.