Hello! In my profile are 2 songs from my band. The first one is brand new, and it's called "Saturn-Full of Balloons". Keep in mind that it's lacking vocals so it might seem a bit repetitive and I haven't tweaked the drums fully to make then sound real. The other called "It's Okay Guys" is an old song that we added vocals to. I'm not really a fan of the vocalists scream, but it's good enough and his singing makes up for that immensely. Anyways let me know what you think and I'll get back to you!

C4C as always.
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Hey. Just took a listen to "Saturn-Full of Balloons". I liked it. I like the distortion tone and there are some really cool parts. I like the solo bit that starts around 3 mins and 55 secs, Also really good ending as well. The song definitely grabbed my attention. It would be sweet to hear this with lyrics too. Great job.

Crit mine?


No vocals as yet. It's called "Enigmatic"
I listened to "Balloons", but I liked "Okay Guys" way better, so I'll talk about that one: Guitar playing sounds very good (tone & riffs)! Some really good lead guitar too! Vocals: can't say I like the froggy vocals, but some of his singing is quite good! Drums sound very good also (are they toontrack?). Very good audio quality all around. Please review my music at this link (I have yet to have someone from Maine comment on my tunes as of yet):

Listened to "Okay Guys." Music is tight. Nice riffs, good mix. Drums are nice and crisp...vocals are really lacking.
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