Hey everyone, I've just started writing some acoustic stuff for a project i've been wanting to do for a while, which is basicly going to be some creepy/gothic acoustic style demo. I've got a few songs written and some other random progressions but I need some inspiration.

This is the kind of thing I want to create (skip to 40 seconds in to get to the guitar)


If anyone can suggest to me any artists or composers who perform this style or something similar that'd be great. Thanks.
Reminds me a bit of opeth, maybe try a few of their songs on acoustic.
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i wouldn't call it gothic acoustic, but i would direct you to Opeth's acoustic work, specifically the album Damnation
good luck on yer search!
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Reminds me of a few Bauhaus songs. King Volcano, Silent Hedges and Kingdom's Coming especially.
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Agalloch stuff is probably what your looking for. really melancholic acoustic-y vibe for the most part.
Yeah diablos amazing Love the atmosphere.

I'm really enjoying Baushaus, I'll definatly check out more of his stuff.

Can you suggest to me a few Agalloch songs? I've listened to 3 but can't find anything like you described.