I buyed a Bc Rich Beast NT TBK from thomann.de greece last month.

But it came damaged. So they are going to give my money back.

I got time until FRİDAY

I dont want a heavy shaped guitar. Just a strat or tele type.

Im greatly looking Ibanez's S , SA , RGA and bit RG series (Rgs cost much beacuse of shape)

I got max 400 euros (i also need a case so thats it)

Im going to buy from thomann.de greece www.thomann.de so please choose from here adn advice.

My gear: Zoom G9.2tt and Mg100dfx (i know bad)

BUT IN SEPTEMBER ım going to buy Bugera 33xl-212 (430euros)

Music style ::::

I play looots of stuf from RHCP but also classic 80s metal also trash... and so more

So ı need good cleans and nice dist.

I may buy a cheaper guitar and upgrade it with a nice seymour duncan passive or blackouts (may be emgx )

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well your tone and distortion comes from your amp not guitar, but I understand what you are saying... I don't know, I've never used Ibanez's to be fair so I can't reliably suggest any models. But if you're willing to stretch the budget by say another 100 Euros, then you can get a Mexican strat or tele, and the difference will be unbelievable compared to a bottom of the line Ibanez. I don't know to be honest, because squier is an option but finding a decent one is like finding a needle in a haystack... Its possible but unlikely.
And if I can give advice, if you buy a crap guitar don't put EMG's in it... the cleans are just awful
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I liked squiers custom telecasters.

But idk bottom line of fenders are good... I like fenders they are god. But singlecoils..

Also all guitars in cyprus is squier or strat copies