Hello everyone,

I'd like to ask whether you could have a listen on my first two songs.
The reason I'm asking here is because most friends are positive anyway no matter what and this sounds more honest when not knowing anyone.


I have been playing for quite some years now, but always playing in Hardcore/Punk-ish bands (I still am actually). However, I got more into acoustic music lately and wanted to do my own thing.

My idea is to make acoustic music with personal songs with one specific theme; Travelling / My Travel experiences-stories.

I never sang before except some screaming in my band so that it's not great I know. Although I would like you to give some comments/critics on what I'm doing, and what I can still improve.

Both songs are recorded with my electric guitar(my acoustic wasn't at home but at parents' home) and did both songs in a few hours on two evenings with a friend.

The last verse of Cold Winter (first song) was more of an idea of my friends so we did it together a few times.

With the second song we had a bit of problems with a delay of the recording part which means it's a bit off sometimes. Also for the verses my friend put double tracks on it to try how it sounded. And I sometimes made mistakes with the lyrics as you can hear.

Hope you can give me some critics, points to improve whatever, and maybe also what you can relate it to(what kinda bands/artists).


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There's an awful lot of sibilance in those recordings. On the short song, you get very fast in the middle compared with the start, as your voice gets louder.

The double tracked vocals did not work at all, I'm afraid.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Thanks for the comment and yes the sibilance is quite disturbing but caused by the cheap recording material we used.

Not sure why the double tracked isn't working, as it works here hope someone else will be able to see if it works.
''We still struggle with the fact that one percent has ninety-nine on their knees.''
I really like that end part on "cold winter",with the multiple voices.

Like you said, there were some problems with the double tracking on "home or not",But it still sounded good.
Reviewing as I listen:

Cold Winter: I'm liking the intro, sounds very nice, playing-wise. The vocals sound a bit forced but nothing that can't be fixed I can imagine some really good drums to this. You sped up a bit during the chorus. Again I think there should be some drums added to this song. I like the ending where you said cold winter nights in many voices

Home or Not: Again, I'm liking the intro. The vocals aren't my cup of tea but I'm sure a lot of people like them. Ahh double tracked vocals, when the D-T vocals started, it sounded sort of like self-esteem by The offspring. The vocals, again, sound just a bit a forced. The guitar-work is really well done, the chord progressions are really nice. Around 1 52, I like that vocal melody, it was well done. Dude actually, maybe it's not the vocal delivery that makes it sound weird, it's probably that cheap equipment you mentioned. You really should record this song properly man .

Overall, both were enjoyable listens. They just need to be re-recorded with better equipment and just a few tweaks. Other than that bro, good job .

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