Hey guys!
i have some problems with recording
now i'll post my gear so you guys know exactly wht im dealing with

-Amp: Line6 Spider Valve 112
-M-Audio FireWire 410 soundcard
-Shure SM57 microphone

now the problem is, when i record (with Adobe Audition 2.0)
the sound that finally coems out from the computer, doesnt sound like my amp at all
I want to know, how can i get my recordings to sound the way i hear em from my amp.
The tone is way off
Please help
thanks a bunch
How is the tone way off? Too much treble/bass? Effects sound wrong?

Your gear seems solid enough. Do you have good PC speakers?
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if you are monitoring with the headphones while you play, try to tweak the mic position. You're never going to get exactly what your ears hear as mics just can't get that close however you should still be able to get some good tones out of the amp and mic with some trial and error.

Also make sure Audition isn't applying any compressors that will tweak the tone. I've never worked with version 2 but own version 3 and it's just as good as the other programs out there. I highly doubt this is a software issue.

Mic position is KEY to getting a good tone....not everything can be fixed with FX.
the tone is off in every way.
the distortion sounds nothing like the distortion form my amp, and the clean is just fart

i'll try positioning the mic and see if any compressors are on
make sure you aren't listening to your amp at an angle. the mic is right in front of the speaker which sounds different than if you're standing or sitting above the amp.

listen to the recorded sound at the same volume as the amp (just to check the tone). sometimes the recorded guitar seems to sound different only because it's a lot quieter than you're used to hearing.

make sure you gain is set properly

move the mic around. on axis in the center will be the brightest. keep the mic right up on the grille. if you want exactly your amp tone, put the mic as close as you can get without touching it to get the purest amp sound. having the mic further back will bring in more room noise which changes the tone.