what do you mean by it uncoils at the bridge?
do you have a floyd rose, and if so what tuning are you using?
This happens on my old guitar, a ibanez rg with a floyd rose, as well. i am quite positive im not puting the string on wrong, and im tuned to e standard.
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you might have a slightly sharp bridge which is only damaging the winding layer

This is probably it. It never completely comes off so i always have to unwind the string to change it. I have a standard bridge, looks like this
There's a burr on the saddle. easiest way to fix it? replace the saddle(s). Almost as easy and cheaper? sand it/them with VERY high grit sand paper in the spot where the burr(s) is/are.
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It's prolly a burr in the saddle. My sg had one in the d string saddle kept snappen em

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It doesn't completely snap because it's a wound string. You should do what oneblackened suggested. If it continues to happen then maybe your playing a little too aggressively, another option is to cut a tiny piece of plastic electrical wire insulation that fits snug over and around the low e and slide it down to the saddle or bridge plate where it's breaking.
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What size string are you using?
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When this was happening on my Strat it was either me playing too hard on too light gauge strings. One thing that did help though was rubbing some lead (from a lead pencil) into the saddles. Worked a treat with some heavier gauge strings. =D
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