Woah dude I gotta say, this isn't bad. Yes you do have timing issues but nothing that can't be fixed also the lead on the song is really nice and soothing. Only once or twice I think you go out of key but that can be surely fixed It's overall a really nice song bro, vocals need to be on it, some drums and bass. Fix the timing issues and viola :P You've got yourself a great great song. This has potential. If you do get around to recording this song again, PM me, I wanna hear the song when its fully-fleshed out

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Like the others said, the timing was a bit off, but Audacity is a shoddy program, so that's not necessarily your fault too much.

I like the mellow tone of the guitar, it works well with the relaxing atmosphere you've created with the backing part and the outright mood. However, I think some notes don't harmonize right, or atleast fit into the rest of the song, creating (presumably) unwanted dissonance.

But your guitar playing and solo writing ability are commendable! Just try to keep it in time next time, like using a metronome, or try writing a solo where a note lands each time on the first beat of a 4/4 time signature, or something like that. And if there's some sort of dissonance between notes when you're trying to make a smooth solo, I'd suggest trying the note a half step above or below to mellow it out.

Overall, a nice piece of work, keep it up!

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