I decided to film myself playing... to watch and see things I'm doing that I don't notice while playing.... plus I REALLY just wanted to cover a Dream Theater song, and finally have a worthwhile video on my youtube account, haha.

I've been playing about 5 years, and I think I should be way better than I am, so I'm looking for crits, how I can improve, what I'm doing wrong, what I can do to play better, etc. Though, I did just learn the song like yesterday...

Thanks for watching!

(it's black at first, but it fades in after awhile)
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I've been playing about 5 years, and I think I should be way better than I am


That was... simply flawless. Not only could you play every note, you played perfectly in time with the band (good job finding a backing track by the way, when people just play over the normal track it's hard to hear the player over the original), which is a skill that can take a long time to develop.

Nothing out of place here, don't know what other kind of crit you're looking for...
I echo the above sentiments, pretty freakin' spotless cover dude, if I had to pick at something I'd say you should pick with a little more authority if you know what I mean but that's a tiny little niggle in an otherwise pretty damn perfect performance.
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