gday guys,

i need help badly, im in charge of comming up with new business design for my work, im a junior landscape designer/graphic designer. However im having trouble when converting my final corel draw document to pdf for printing.

The problem im having is a noticable decolorisation of the colors used in the document, evrything has been created in corel using cmyk colours, however when publishing to pdf (for Prepress) they appear faded and washed out.

does anybody in the pit work as a graphic designer or have expieriance with Corel Draw x3 and has had this happen to them, i cant afford to send this to the printer like this, as the colours are totally out!
Change the color settings?

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colour settings are set to CMYK, everything has been created in corel draw using CMYK colours, no outside bitmaps or jpegs have been used, it looks perfect in corel, however as soon as it is published to pdf the colours are washed out.
PDF is going to be using Adobe RGB color scale IIRC. Thats why it appears washed out. The only way to prevent that is to work in RGB from the start. But its a bit too late for that.
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i cant work from rgb, as most plotters are CMYK, so whilst my pdf may look alright, the final proof will be all **** eyed...