So I need a new neck pickup for my SG Standard, I'm taking the p90 out and putting it back in my Custom Shop Firstact, at which point my girlfriend's dad is buying me a new pickup in exchange for me giving my girlfriend the Firstact. Therefore, my budget is flexible ($50-90?)but I'd prefer not to make the nice man pay too much!

I loved the p90 sound, but it wasn't thick enough for leads. I'd like something that can be tapped, I'm willing to put a push/pull in my guitar to handle that. I want to be able to have nice smooth leads, bluesy stuff and slide stuff, as well as a nice jangle for point-of-breakup chord strumming.

Think M. Ward, Derek Trucks, Jimmy Page stuff. I've already looked at the P-Rails from Duncan but I'm not sure if I want to ask for something that expensive. I'm open to GFS, I've had great experiences with their products before. Thoughts?
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Duncan Pearly Gates? Maybe a DiMarzio PAF Pro or PAF Joe, or an Air Norton?
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can't go wrong with a SD '59
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can't go wrong with a SD '59

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