So I found this guitar on Craigslist, kind of close,and for a great deal, But it has been taken apart. That is not a problem at all, and it is coming with most of the old parts. But I was wondering if anyone had specs and/or ways to confirm the model.

All I have to go with is this:

From what I can find on Google, it has an FR trem, alder body and maple neck.

But anyone have any idea on actual specs? Is it an OFR or just a licensed one, are the pickups any good, how does it play, what is it's original cost? Or just opinions or thoughts from people that have owned or played it.

And at the deal I'm getting it at, I'm not saying no to buying it, as at the very least, I can use the hard case.


24 Frets
Floyd Rose Tremolo System
Bridge & Neck Humbuckers, Middle Single Coil
Black Hardware
Maple Neck
Excellent condition
Plays & sounds great
Low action

lol... i found that on another auction if that helps? Personay i'm not familiar with that guitar.
Import 1992-93 trans purple Washburn Mercury MG-74 (other color was vintage burst). Solid Alder body with a Maple/Maple neck. HSH Washburn branded pups and a Washburn 800-S licensed Floyd (low profile made by Takeuchi.....pretty much a TRS Pro). Nut width is 43mm and the hardware should be gold. Original MSRP was $719.90.

The pic and specs line up (color, gold tuners, maple/maple) so I would say it's almost definitely a MG-74. Anyway, Mercury's and Mercury II's can be found pretty cheap...I paid $140 for 1994 MG400 which is a slightly higher model. The necks on these Washburns have a really nice profile....not shredder thin but not thick either.....they are close to a San Dimas profile. Some do have the E strings really close to the fretboard edges however. The Takeuchi trems are just OK.....definitely nowhere close to OFR quality. The stock washburn pups are just OK. I would say $100-25 is a good deal if all the parts are there...if not then it all depends on what's missing. If the case is included perhaps add $15.
The colour is awesome, reminded me of the Steve Stephens signature washburn of the early 90's. Personally id go for it, I owned an MG-44 and the body and neck and general construction were really nice, but the pickups and locking vibrato were the let down points.

The one you've found seems to be ripe for an OFR and some tasty p'ups!