So i am selling my drumset tomorrow and all my old bass stuff so i can buy a nice gigworthy bass rig. Just kinda wondering what you peoples recommend i am guessing ill be spending around 500 bucks. And what pedals would you suggest starting with?

i am auditioning for a jam/rock kinda band
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Look for a Yorkville Bassmaster amp. Their discontinued but they you can find used one around. I got one from a local pawn shop for $250 and its amazing. Pedal wise, i'd go with maybe a bass distortion like the Boss Overdrive and maybe an Electro Harmonix Enigma envelop filter
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So you need/are getting a new bass and amp and pedal right?

Well in terms of amp, I would take 'mrsixstrings12' advice and hit the pawn shops and of course online, perhaps look at Peavey amps, nice and cheap. Or if looking new, Marshall, Ashdown and again Peavey would be your best options.

I've seen some nice BOSS pedals which are cheap, just depends on what distortion you're looking for. (New that is.)

And you could probably look for a bass 2nd hand as well. A Fender Precision or a Squier VM or whatever you trust and like. Or if looking new, for your budget, an Ibanez, Yamaha or Peavey.
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What gear are you selling?

$500 won't get much. I recommend looking at high end Squiers for the bass and Kustom (loud and relatively cheap, utterly indestructible). Both will have to be second hand.
I wouldn't say that $500 can buy you a 'gigworthy rig' unless you get yourself some kind of mega deal.

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