I play everything from Dredg to In Flames, and i'm looking for the best all around amp. I need an amp with good cleans, distortion and a singing lead tone. My budget is about $1200 maybe $1300 max. Basically my dream tone is Zombie Inc, especially the interlude/solo section. Which route would be best?

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Dual Rec has pretty good cleans. I wouldn't exactly call the lead tones 'singing' though. Needs a Tubescreamer or EQ to get tight enough for metal IMO. The 6505's cleans aren't the greatest but definitely workable. Lead tone still isn't what I'd call 'singing' as it's too aggressive. Haven't tried the K Tre but AcousticMirror is a big fan and the cleans are known to be fantastic.
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I have a maxon od808 to tighten things up. Realistically i'd be using cleans the least, but i'd still want something that has to life to it. I really can't think of anywhere near me that has a Dual Rec or the Rivera that I could try.
probably the Knucklehead all around
The 6505+ if cleans aren't so important. In Flames used 5150's so it should have the closest lead tone.
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Yeah, Acoustic Mirror raves (raved) about his K Tre. Maybe send him a PM.

I'd have to look up those bands to figure out if the Dual Rec would work.

As cool as the 6505 amp is I wouldn't get one for good cleans (except maybe the 112 combo). Workable as Matt put it is probably the best way to explain. I think you've got a typo too Matt.

Can I assume you are from the Detroit area? Might be some amps up there you can find on craigslist.
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Can I assume you are from the Detroit area? Might be some amps up there you can find on craigslist.

I'm about 80 miles north of Detroit. I've been checking around lately, not a lot of luck. Lots of Marshalls and cheap solid states. I wish I could find a Mesa Mark IV in my price range, from what i've seen/heard on youtube they sound great.
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There is a Mark III Simul-Class in Philly as well as a Rivera K Tre I believe.

use the look up link in my sig to help your gear search. Are you looking for a head only? Do you have a cab?

Head only, i'm using a homemade 2x12 with sheffields at the moment.